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Spring Style Tips and Tricks

How to keep your white clothes WHITE | Link Up

I always am asked how I keep all of my white clothes white. Major secret-spilling today! I even have a full white bed (sheets and all), they always stay white from this trick! 

TOP (similar here, both under $15! free shiping) | JEANS (similar lower price point HERE) | HEELS | CLUTCH ($25!) | NECKLACE | LIPS (Snob)

I LOVE white. Seriously, everything in white is my dream. I have no idea where this obsession came from but here we are. It could be that white is such a bright color or rather a shade, that it brightens up the gloomy weather here in Oregon. I love our white bedroom, it’s so relaxing!

With a very outdoorsy husband, white doesn’t always stay white when I want it to. I have a couple grease stains on my bed spread to prove it! This trick won’t get grease stains out but hopefully, you aren’t like me and have that anywhere near our bed. Jason has since understood that his guns and cleaning kit are not supposed to used on our bed. I have been able to hold it together in times like this though because I have a secret weapon. 

Meet the Clorox Bleach Pen, it’s my right-hand man! I have one in my nightstand for times that little spots get on our duvet. I squeeze a drop of it on the spot once it’s cleaned and boom! The stain is gone.

This trick is used on my white jeans, tops, tees, dresses, shoes, etc. I usually have one in my purse or at least a Tide to go pen. I love washing my white clothes with borax and vinegar to help with those pesky stains as well. 

Next time you hesitate to buy that cute dress in white, buy it but also buy the

Clorox Bleach Pen!

PS this post is NOT sponsored. I just love this product!


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Tips and Tricks Travel

Packing Guide for Spring Break | PurseN

You can be headed somewhere for Spring break or any fun vacation that is short or long, you need to know how to pack efficiently. It all begins with what you pack in. 

| JEANS | NECKLACE | BRACELET | LIPS (Turkish Delight) | INSTAX camera | LUGGAGE

PurseN ACCESSORIES: Mini Jewelry Case, Bangle Bar, Lexi, Tiffany.
You can use code ‘TOPKNOTS’ for 25% off your entire order until April 2nd!

Packing can be so overwhelming! Planning outfits ahead of time really isn’t the issue: it’s how to pack all of your toiletries, makeup, hair tools, hats, and jewelry all packed safely. Protecting your items but also making sure you are saving space too. 

ONE: If you have ever traveled with a hat, you KNOW they always seem to be scrunched once you arrive. The trick is to pack around the edges of the suitcase, place the hat in the center, and then fill the center with clothing to keep its shape! I love to put my swimsuits in the center of the hat to keep like things together. It helps to keep you organized when you arrive.

TWO: Keep your shoes separate. They have a tendency to snag clothes which is always upsetting. I layer my shoes on the opposite side of my suitcase, fitting the pair together exactly how they fit into a shoe box, and line them up as closely together as I can. I will then layer either my scarves or fluffy accessories over them to make sure they don’t move around.

THREE: Take a laundry bag with you. I travel with the inexpensive shopping bags from IKEA so I can keep my dirty clothes separate and keep the rest of my luggage smelling fresh. 

FOUR: Make a list. I always make a list on my phone ahead of time. This is a sure fire way that you know you won’t forget anything! You know that moment while sitting on the airplane and you remember your makeup is sitting on the bathroom counter. Don’t let this happen to you! Both Jason and I write lists, it seriously works.

FIVE: The key to being able to pack your items SAFELY and COMPACTLY is picking the right cases. I have had many in the last 10 years and none of them truly satisfied my need for space and security. I recently discovered PurseN which literally changed my packing style forever.

PurseN has a travel case for every one of your needs. Their cases are also easily interchangeable so you can pick one according to the size you need not necessarily due to it being made for something specifically. For example, the Tiffany can be used for makeup or for your skin care/hair care!  There are many selections of colors/patterns but this White Dunes collection is my favorite. 

The Tiara Mini Jewelry Case is a new case! I was able to fit all of my large tassel earrings, statement rings, and small studs in each little pouch. The pouches are attached to the bottom of the case so that they can’t fall out while still keeping everything separate and untangled. This is perfect for traveling but also for a mid-day outfit change, such as when you are going from your work look to your date look!

The Bangle Bar is a complete game changer for me! I never know how to pack my bracelets and watches. I can’t go very long without a bracelet or at the minimum a 3 stack arm party. This case has a removable padded bar that you slide your jewelry onto and then clip down for security. The bar is then zipped inside the case for protection! No more scratches on your jewelry or just leaving your bracelets home because it’s not worth the hassle.

The Lexi is the perfect case for my makeup! Inside the front flap is a pocket that fit my pallets perfectly. The construction of this case is truly genius. The zipper pockets are connected with a 2 ring system, similar to an office binder. I split up each pocket to hold a different part of my routine. Each was organized in the order I would use it. The back flap has little slots to be able to put your brushes in as well! The size of the Lexi is awesome: it can fit in luggage, a weekender, or for a moment to freshen your look before leaving for the evening. 

The Tiffany holds all my skin care and hair care! I struggled with finding the right case for these needs since I have SO many products I use for my hair and skin care. I loved that the lid of the Tiffany had a separate compartment I could put all my shower products in, this keeps things more hygienic in my book. The three zipper cases it comes with are perfect for separating your needs out! I put my skin care in one, my hair care in another, and my toothbrush and toothpaste in the last one. It’s perfect to keep them separate for not only organization but also for just grabbing one to put in your handbag for the afternoon or when in flight!

I am serious when I say, take advantage of the coupon code. I have looked for years for cases that actually function for travel. There is nothing out there that I have seen or used that compares to these. 
“TOPKNOTS” for 25% until April 2nd.

Where shall I go for Spring Break? I don’t get a Spring Break, so please travel someplace fun for me!
I don’t get a Spring Break, so please travel someplace fun for me!

Thank you PurseN for sponsoring this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that make T&P possible.


5 key steps for successfully packing for the Spring/Summer.

Spring Style Tips and Tricks

5 Essentials for a Fool Proof Shopping Trip.

As a born and raised shopper, I have realized I have a skill set not everyone was taught. There are so many things you can do to help make your shopping trip easier, here are my top 5!


DRESS c/o | WEDGES | RING | BRACELET (designer dupe for $18!) | EARRINGSLIPS (Snob)

I did not come by my techniques for shopping on my own, thanks to my mama, I was able to learn from the get go. I have 5 things that I do for every shopping trip and it makes it so much more smooth. Even if you have kiddos or have very little time to shop, these will help.

ONE, coffee. Hello!!! This is always the first step. Whether it’s coffee in a to-go mug from home or you treat yourself to a fun coffee from Starbucks. You need fuel for your trip!

TWO, your phone. Yes, this seems simple but I use my phone for many reasons when shopping. I have a running list of the items I am looking for that I need to fill gaps in my closet or that are old and need replacing. I also use my phone to take photos of items I love and want to remember. Lastly, I use it for looking up coupons for the store.

THREE, know what you are looking for. If you wander aimlessly, you will most likely be buying lots of items you don’t need and be missing the items you truly need. I have a rolling list of items on my notes section on my phone to remind me when I am shopping.

FOUR, know what a good price is. Do your homework before you go shopping to know if what you are looking for will be a good price when you find it. I love to do this, even on the go. Don’t let the sale signs fool you, the prices still might be better somewhere else!

FIVE, don’t buy it if you don’t LOVE it. I’m very serious about this one. If you don’t love it in the store or in the dressing room, you won’t love it when you get home. You will have a closet full of items you sort of like. Not a good scenario.

For the rest of my list of tips for a fool proof shopping trip, sign up for my newsletter! The rest will be sent out to my subscribers on April 2nd!