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Spring Style Tips and Tricks

T-shirt Dress Two Ways.

How to style a simple t shirt dress two ways for Spring!

I LOVE t-shirt dresses but they are sometimes a little short or the weather isn’t quite warm enough to wear them yet. I wear them these two ways in the Spring and think that you may need to try it. 


I love love love t-shirt dresses. They are perfect for the Summer weather but they can sometimes fall a little short on my long legs when it’s not weather appropriate. I love this striped t-shirt dress so much and wanted to wear it this Spring without freezing all of me to the core.  

Solution: tie a knot in it so it looks like a tunic and layer it over jeans! I am fully admitting that I wore it in both these ways in the SAME week. No one knew, except now you do so please don’t make fun of me! I know you have been there too. We all get into ruts. This rut just happens to be a good one.

 Suede Jacket: This option was great for a very windy day when it was sunny out but still chilly. The jacket hits right at my natural waistline so it’s incredibly flattering. Mixing this with the distressed denim creates a more casual look without being overly casual. Of course, you don’t have to wear heels like I am! Wedges, sandals, booties, or flats would work great as well.

Pink Duster: This option is great for the warmer days of Spring. I love the pop of color mixed with the neutral elements. This is great for a casual day running errands, going out to lunch, church, etc. I love that this look makes you look so much taller with lengthening your legs while still making you look slim. 

Try tying up your favorite t-shirt dress!

Spring Style Tips and Tricks

Prom Dress & Formal Dress Guide | Alyce Paris | GIVEAWAY

Prom and Formal dress guide for your body type and personal taste.

Going into a dress shop and trying to find the dress that fits your body the best can be overwhelming and discouraging. I put together a full list of how to determine your best gown style for YOU.

DRESS c/o (Style Number 6725)| HEELS | BRACELETS | EARRINGS | LIPS (Snob)

This guide is great for finding a dress for Prom, Wedding, Military Ball, Formal Event, etc. When Jason was in the military, finding a dress for the ball was discouraging at times, until I found the styles that work the best for me and my body type. 

Pear: The best neckline to wear is a sweetheart, it flatters your curves but draws the eye upward instead of at your hips. A loose flowy skirt is a great way to balance out your figure. Try either a Ball Gown to a Fit/Flare silhouette.

Apple: The v-neck is the best style for you. It compliments your curves up top while still balancing out your hips and drawing more attention to your shoulders. A flared shape of skirt with layers is a great compliment to a v neckline. Try a  Princess/A-line or Empire Waistline dress.

Straight: This is my body type. It took me years of wearing the wrong style to figure this one out. I believe it was actually when I tried on my wedding dress I solved the mystery. The sweetheart neckline is by far the most flattering! It defines the waistline and alludes to having a more hourglass figure then what is actually there. A full skirt is best to balance out your shoulders. Try a Ball gown or Fit/Flare style for the maximum compliment to your body.

Curvy: To flatter your curves, try a scoop neck up top. This a great compliment to a mermaid skirt that would accentuate your curves and elongate your legs Try a Mermaid/Trumpet, Princess/A-line, or a Column/Sheath style next time.

Full Bust: The perfect neckline is one that is slightly curved that ends in a v. This is a great balance to a full a-line skirt that will give you accentuation in the right areas. Try a full A-line skirt or Ball Gown.

Go try on those dresses with confidence! Stick with what flatters YOU and you will be successful!

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Spring Style Tips and Tricks

How to keep your white clothes WHITE | Link Up

I always am asked how I keep all of my white clothes white. Major secret-spilling today! I even have a full white bed (sheets and all), they always stay white from this trick! 

TOP (similar here, both under $15! free shiping) | JEANS (similar lower price point HERE) | HEELS | CLUTCH ($25!) | NECKLACE | LIPS (Snob)

I LOVE white. Seriously, everything in white is my dream. I have no idea where this obsession came from but here we are. It could be that white is such a bright color or rather a shade, that it brightens up the gloomy weather here in Oregon. I love our white bedroom, it’s so relaxing!

With a very outdoorsy husband, white doesn’t always stay white when I want it to. I have a couple grease stains on my bed spread to prove it! This trick won’t get grease stains out but hopefully, you aren’t like me and have that anywhere near our bed. Jason has since understood that his guns and cleaning kit are not supposed to used on our bed. I have been able to hold it together in times like this though because I have a secret weapon. 

Meet the Clorox Bleach Pen, it’s my right-hand man! I have one in my nightstand for times that little spots get on our duvet. I squeeze a drop of it on the spot once it’s cleaned and boom! The stain is gone.

This trick is used on my white jeans, tops, tees, dresses, shoes, etc. I usually have one in my purse or at least a Tide to go pen. I love washing my white clothes with borax and vinegar to help with those pesky stains as well. 

Next time you hesitate to buy that cute dress in white, buy it but also buy the

Clorox Bleach Pen!

PS this post is NOT sponsored. I just love this product!


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