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Everyday Makeup Routine Update | Too Faced

When you finally find an eye shadow pallet worth buying, you share with your friends! Sharing my updated makeup routine and all the details of this pallet!

TOP (similar) | JEANS | HEELS | JEWELRY one, two, three | HANDBAGLIPS c/o (Holy Chic)

MAKEUP: primer c/o | foundation one, two| foundation brush | contour pallet | contour brush | concealer | concealer brush | blush | blush brush | eye primer | eyeshadow pallet c/o | eye shadow brushes one, two, three | eye liner | mascara c/o | lips c/o

I haven’t shared my updated makeup routine in a while, like years, because it hasn’t changed much until now! I use different brushes and products that have changed my makeup look and feel. One of the biggest changes is this eyeshadow pallet!

If you have followed along since I started tutorials, you know that I only have one eyeshadow pallet and I have had it for a couple years. I FINALLY found THIS one by Too Faced (Natural Love Pallet) that is worth spending money on! In my experience, it is far worth the money to invest in nicer eye shadows for a couple reasons: they last SO much longer, way easier to use, and the colors are so much easier to wear.

I am still not able to film these tutorials for y’all but that is coming in the future! I didn’t take pictures of the steps for my foundation routine or contour routine but it is very similar to my previous one here. The tools and products have changed to the ones I list above!

Eyes are the number one question I get asked about, how do I do my eyeshadow! Today, I am sharing how you can easily take simple steps from this pallet to create an everyday eye look that a makeup artist could have done! It’s simple and STUNNING!


1. I used THIS primer on my face before my foundation. Let me tell you, it is my go to now! It’s the perfect consistency for Summer when my skin tends to dry out really bad.

2. Prime Eyelids: I used this primer!

All eyeshadows used are from THIS pallet!

3. Set Primer: I used Spotlight shadow to set my primer from my lash line to my eyebrow.

4. Press in Moonbeam from your lash line to the crease of your brow bone. I use a flat concealer brush for this.

5. Sweep Nudie on your crease for the perfect transition color. This helps to not have any harsh lines or color changes on your lids. A lot more natural looking. I use THIS brush.

6. Lightly blend Smokin’ into the outside “v” of your eyelid, a long your lash line, and about 1/3 of the way into your crease. I use THIS brush.

7. I took Poodle with my index finger and pressed it into the corner of my eyes to make them pop as well as the arch of my brow for highlight.

8. Line your lash line with a cat eye or a simple line. THIS is my holy grail liquid eyeliner pen, seriously. I just had to replace it after a year!

9. Finish off your eyes with 2-3 coats of my FAVORITE mascara! This has been my go-to for about 4 years and that isn’t changing anytime soon.

This is with one coat on the left-hand side and none on the right-hand side.
Hello, long beautiful real lashes!

PS the first time Jason heard me say the name of this mascara, he thought I made it up!

10. To finish off the whole look, I used this melted liquid lipstick in Holy Chic for the perfect nude. I am obsessed with this liquid lip, it’s more of a mousse texture when you apply it. It dries quickly and the best part, it didn’t make my lips peel! Now I want all the colors lol!

I have used this pallet consistently every day for about 2 weeks and LOVE all the colors. Some of them are bold but they are all in a natural tone so they can be worn so many ways. If you are looking for a new eyeshadow pallet or need to replace one that doesn’t give you the right colors, RUN and get this one.

I am not kidding when I say I use 1 eye shadow pallet for years and years.
This one changed that for me!


Thank you Too Faced for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions and product choices are 100% my own.
Thank you for supporting the brands that make T&P possible! xoxo, Nicholle
Beauty Tutorial

Secret Discount Beauty and Health Care Spot | Haul

I have been frequenting this store since I was a child with my mom. It’s a hidden gem for discounted beauty and health care products that people are unaware of. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to try new products! 

Shopping on a budget is a MUST! Especially when it comes to beauty and healthcare because a fortune can be spent on these products. I love specific brands for specific reasons so I look for these brands on a budget. One of my favorite places to find these products is at Grocery Outlet.

Here is a $3 coupon as well! $3 can go long ways!

I am taking you along for the ride today to see what is all covered and what I bought for under $30! 

Grocery Outlet is a great place to not only find the products you know you already love on a discount but to also try out products you hear of but don’t want to pay full price for to try out. I find some of the best products here that I can’t find anywhere else. I found a new dry shampoo for $2 off the regular price!

Have I convinced you that you are missing out yet?!

Here is what I found for under $30:

Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo $3.99

I had never tried this product before but I can’t live without my dry shampoo! I LOVE the smell of this one and it didn’t turn my hair white.

White Pen $2.99

For touch ups between my whitening trays because hello, I love my black coffee!

Acrylic Vanity Box $4.99

I immediately put this to use, you may have seen it on my IG stories. It’s perfect for keeping my vanity organized and cute!

Cuticle Trimmer $1.99

Do you have hangnails? If so, use this. It’s a complete game changer!

Simple Micellar Water $3.99

This is my FAVORITE micellar water to use. I use this to take off my eye makeup as well as cleanse my face first thing in the morning.

Peach Body Scrub $0.99

I use this in the shower to exfoliate my arms and legs before I shave. It helps to get a much closer shave.

Vega Protein 2 for $3.00

The BEST vegan based protein I have ever had. It’s been hard to find budget-friendly good-tasting dairy free protein since I took dairy out of my diet.

Keytone Vitamins $5.99

These are great for energy, they have green coffee extract in them!

Neutrogena Build A Tan Lotion $5.99

I use this in between applying fake tans or during the summer when I am trying to keep a deep color.

Here is a 20% discount coupon as well!


Beauty Tutorial

At Home Tanning Routine | Cellulite Removal Tip

Summer is coming and my skin is NOT ready yet. Is yours? I am sharing my sunless tanner routine and new cellulite removal tips! 


COVERUP c/o | SWIM TOP | BOTTOMS (the cutest high waist!) | EARRINGS | LIPS (Snob)
BEACH TOTE | HANDBAG c/o | CLARINS c/o | HEADPHONES c/0 (‘topknotsandpearls’ for 20% off) |


This post has two parts, tanning and cellulite removal. First off I will share my new cellulite removal routine! Last summer, I noticed I was starting to get some cellulite on the sides and backs of my thighs. Not a huge deal, please don’t read into it. I know it’s not my favorite thing but definitely not the end of the world. I have, however, found a couple things that have helped remove some of its appearances. 

ONE: I have been using this Clarins Body Fit lotion. I only use it on the parts of my thighs that have the cellulite. I put it on in a circular motion making sure I am activating the blood flow in that area. This is one of the major contributing factors to cellulite, lack of blood flow. 

TWO: I use my tens unit that I use for my back and neck. It’s an electrode machine. I place the pads on the parts of my legs and sit with this one for about 20 minutes 1-2 times a week. I look ridiculous but it’s helping with the blood flow.


When I was 10, I decided it was a great idea to use tanning lotion at my friend’s house during a sleepover. I came home the next morning to go to church and was a streaky Oompa Loompa. My mom had me shower and scrub but the color would not come off! My routine has changed drastically since then but only from learning from my mistakes. 

FIRST: I exfoliate in the shower. Any exfoliant wash or glove works. I exfoliate head to toe. Make sure to really dry your skin before you apply the tan. *I want to try a primer for tanning products but haven’t found one yet. If you know of any, please send me the name!

SECOND: I use only foam tanning products on my body (except hands but I will get to that). I pump 2-3 pumps of THIS tanning product on THIS brush.

THIRD: Starting from my chest, I swirl in circular motions on my skin. I make sure to spread the product around so that there is an even coat. I work fast too so that it doesn’t settle too deep in areas.

FOURTH: Reapply the foam to the brush and then move onto your arms, smoothing out the lines in between. Repeat all over your body. Typically I apply it in this order: chest, left arm, right arm, stomach, thighs, calves, shoulders, back. *Jason helps me with my back.

FIFTH: Next I will take whatever is left on my brush and lightly blend out the lines on my ankles and wrists. I will sweep the brush LIGHTLY over my hands, fingers, tops of feet, and toes. This is to be sure they are not too dark!

SIXTH: Sleep in the tan. The next morning, DO NOT be alarmed. It is very weird seeing the color the next day. If you have any spots the created drastic lines on your ankles or wrist, take a cotton swab with acetone to blend out the line. This is a huge trick of mine because I want it to look as natural as I can.

SEVENTH: Next, apply THIS lotion tan on the tops of your hands, lightly on your fingers (avoid nails), tops of feet, and any spots on your body that didn’t get as dark. Let this sit on your skin for 1-2 hours.

EIGHTH: Rinse off in the shower and PAT dry, do not rub.

I love THIS tan for when I am already tan. It’s a much deeper. They have other colors, I just haven’t bought those ones yet! 

You now have a beautiful sunless tan.

PS you need to invest in cute straw bags this Summer, it’s one of the hottest trends.
THIS one is only $12.99!

 I received this product complimentary from Clarins. All opinions are 100% my own.
I received this product complimentary from Stella and Dot. All opinions are 100% my own.