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The BEST lipstick around | Lip Sense

I have been using this product for a couple months now, I have truly tested it out and am happy to say that I am obsessed with it. I don’t know if you have heard of Lipsense, but this is truly the best lipstick I have ever used. It stands the test of time, seriously, through 12 hours of my day! I can eat without eating lipstick. 

 SWEATER: c/o Shein | BEANIE: Nordstrom 

The steps are simple.

First: Apply 3 thin layers of the color on your lips. I like to outline my lips first then fill in with the remainder of the product on the want. I do this three times waiting a couple seconds between coats 

 *Make sure not to let your lips touch!*

Second: Apply the Glossy Gloss over the color. This locks in the color. The glossiness dulls over the day. You can reapply to let it last longer or to make your lips glossy again. There is also a Matte version HERE.
There is a product called, Oops Remover. This will allow you to take off any mistakes you make while applying the color. I also use it after I have taken my lipstick off if the color doesn’t come off completely. 
I LOVE my Blu Red, this is the color that Christina Agulera wears! The other colors on my list are: First Love, Praline Rose, Fly Girl, Nude Sienna, Aussie Rose. Check out all the colors HERE!
You can easily order HERE!

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How to tie a blanket Scarf.

 Plaid: Lush | Jacket: BP | Jeans: Paige | Booties: BP | Scarf: c/o Ilymix | Earrings: Kendra Scott

Watch: Kate Spade | Bracelets: Stone, Pave, Cable | Lips: MAC Snob| 
Sunglasses: FREE with Ditto (use code ‘topknotsandpearls‘ )

I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped by people when I am wearing a blanket scarf and have them ask me how I tie it. I decided it would benefit a lot of you dear ladies to see one way I tie my favorite blanket scarf. If you would like to learn more ways, let me know! I will put together a tutorial for you. 

A lot of times I wear my hair up with a blanket scarf because it can get bulky. If I wear it down, I pull my hair to the side. A blanket scarf is the perfect accessory to wear with a braid, hat covering dirty hair (yes, I did just share a major secret of the days I wear hats *insert monkey covering eyes emjoi*), or a bun!

THIS scarf is my new obsession (Jason happens to love it too!). It is from Ilymix  for $22.90 and they do FREE SHIPPING with no minimum purchase! PLUS, they are offering all my followers a 20% off coupon code, use ‘topknotsandpearls‘ to make this scarf $18! Um, hello! Bring on ALL the blanket scarves, please. This scarf is so soft, it feels just like my ZARA blanket scarf but a better price. I am really getting into these colors. I loved adding a soft touch of pink with my lipstick too. You know me, I can’t go a day without a little pink in my life. 

Here is a list of the other scarves I am in love with from Ilymix:


 5 Steps to tie a Blanket Scarf 

PS I am dying over these aviators. I have dreamed of these glasses for years. They are from Ditto. You can sign up for free using the code ‘topknotsandpearls‘ and try all of the sunglasses you want. I have loved trading glasses to see what shape looked good on me. It’s a must!

Thank you Ilymix for sponsoring this post and supporting Topknots and Pearls. All opinions expressed are my own.

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How I Curl My Hair [Updated]

 Robe: c/o Make Me Chic

I finally have an updated hair tutorial on youtube! I know it has been months. This whole settling into Oregon transition has been much more of a process then I thought back in April. Since moving I have tried some new products and tools to combat my hair changing texture with the new weather here. 

THIS hairspray and THIS texturizer have completely changed my hair. It will now hold a curl. I switched to THIS curling iron because it helps with heat damage and is the only one that will curl my hair now. I have never had a problem with my hair curling so it was devastating trying to find a new curling iron.

Since we haven’t found our new home yet, I have made a point to wear something that makes me feel put together. Our room is anything BUT put together. I have always struggled with anxiety and nervousness, especially when my surroundings are not necessarily stable. Wearing a cute robe such as THIS one makes my mornings just a little bit easier. You should try it sometime! 

PS be on the lookout for this makeup tutorial, it’s my new routine!

Luxy Hair Extensions Chocolate Brown 20″
use code ‘topknotsandpearls’ for money off!
T3 Curling Iron 1″ Barrel
Bioionic hair dryer