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Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day | Shane Company

Why we celebrate Valentine's Day, it's a day for traditions vs. expectations.

You always hear about how people DON’T love celebrating Valentine’s Day. I want to share with you why we love celebrating it and why I personally think it’s a misunderstood holiday.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a beautiful ring as a reminder.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a beautiful ring as a reminder.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a beautiful ring as a reminder.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a beautiful ring as a reminder.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a beautiful ring as a reminder.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a beautiful ring as a reminder.Celebrating Valentine's Day with a beautiful ring as a reminder.OUTFIT DETAILS

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During this time of year, I’m always hearing people talk about how much they hate Valentine’s day. How awful that there is a holiday centered around gifts and how they don’t need a special day to recognize their significant other. I am actually a person who loves Valentine’s Day and I always have. You can probably make a connection to my love of pink or love of candy, but it goes much deeper than that.

Growing up, Valentine’s Day was a day that my mom would bring us a fun lunch at school. Some years that lunch would be accompanied by a balloon where as others it was a stuffed animal. When we got home from school, we would have a fun themed dinner where we would go around the table and express what we appreciated about each other. This holiday was centered around making each other feel special and loved in the way that meant the most to that person. It wasn’t about getting the biggest gift or the most extravagant day. Rather, it was a day of appreciation for each other and the life we have lived together.

Jason and I choose to see this day as a tradition versus an expectation. A tradition of celebrating what we love about each other and how much the years together mean to us.

This year has been about cherishing each moment, whether it be a perfect moment or a moment where we realize just how blessed we are to be able to go through this crazy life together. After the wedding day, there are times that can be hard. These times can grow you or break you. Jason and I have slowly begun to allow these times of struggles to bring us closer together. Choosing symbols that can remind you of your love and commitment are so important to encourage each other.

For Valentine’s Day this year, we picked out this ring from Shane Company to exemplify this stage in our life. The infinity detail reminds me that Jason and I are together in this unpredictable journey called life. That no matter what hits us, we are unified. I am wearing this Shane Co ring on my right hand to remind me of the continued years of growth together from our commitment that my wedding ring exemplifies on my left hand (also a Shane Co ring set)!

Choosing a way to remember your commitment, relationship, friendship, and adoration for each other is a vital piece to a successful marriage. This is what Valentine’s Day is for Jason and I. Try and find a way to do this for each other. I wear this Shane Co ring as a daily reminder of what we choose to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. It may be a necklace or a pair of earrings that remind you of this in your relationship. THIS bracelet from their Cosmic Love Collection is beautiful! It’s an example of the stunning diversity of their pieces that will meet anyone’s needs.

Whatever piece you choose, make it a priority to be reminded through it.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a beautiful ring as a reminder.


Thank you to Shane Company for sponsoring this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Topknots and Pearls possible.
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Road Trip Outfit | GIVEAWAY

I love going on road trips but hate how frumpy I feel while driving sometimes. The key is to dress in a cute and casual way that does well in the car. This works for road trips, busy days of errands, or days you just don’t feel like you can function at full speed.


Yes, these are the amazing leggings I wrote about this last Fall HERE. I have worn them with so many different outfits I can’t count. Lately, I have been wearing them dressed down and I am obsessed with the look. It’s cute and casual! PS these leggings are warm for the Winter too.

Why am I wearing this look on a road trip? It’s comfortable. Pretty much sums it up! It’s easy to keep clean, semi wrinkle free, and easy to layer with. I get overly warm in the car easily which means I get car sick. I like to have an outfit on that I can layer a coat over when I get out of the car.

Why this outfit works for a day running errands? It doesn’t wrinkle as you get in and out of your car or while you are driving. It drives me insane when I am going all over the place during a day of running errands, if get out of the car and am covered in wrinkles, it makes me feel unkempt. Wearing an outfit that doesn’t wrinkle is essential for me on my errand days.

Why this outfit works for days you can’t function? Easy, SO easy to put together. I put this outfit together with different variables. I will change out the top, the vest, and the hat for different looks. Basically, I can put this outfit together in the dark and I still look cute! Can you say, “winning”?!

As I was getting ready for this road trip, I thought I would share a few of my road trip essentials! While Jason and I lived in Socal, we drove to Oregon many times and a trip to San Francisco. I developed a road trip essential list that gets me through these trips! We personally love road trips together, I soak up all that quality time.

Cooler: put drinks, waters, and snacks that need to be chilled.

Garbage Bag: I always put a couple in the front seat, whenever we make a stop, we throw that grocery bag out and start a new one. It keeps your car clean.

Clorox Wipes: What for? Spills, food, wiping down the door from sticky fingers, etc.

Napkins: I always have these in my glove compartment but I put extra when we are traveling.

Snacks: We try and have a full meal on a pit stop but staying awake in the car is a true art form, one I have not quite mastered which is why Jason drives! I always have snacks that can be put into small baggies during the trip. For example: chips, pretzels, fruit slices, carrots and hummus, and gummy candy!

Music: Always have a good Pandora station to listen to, it saves you when there is nothing on the radio!

Blanket: Just in case there are two opinions of what the temperature should be in the car!

Something fun: We moved back to Oregon from SoCal in April of last year. Going 50 mph for 22 hours was a LONG trip. I introduced Jason to Mad Libs and this had us busting up for hours.

Currently, we’re driving to Montana, if you are wanting to see pretty snow, check out my IG stories! 

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Sweater dress love.

Winter is the perfect time for sweater dresses, this one is even cuter in the back!
 This Winter I have been loving a sweater dress and over the knee boots! It’s adorable and functional in the cold weather. I am sharing more ways of styling them below!
 Winter is the perfect time for sweater dresses, this one is even cuter in the back!

Winter is the perfect time for sweater dresses, this one is even cuter in the back!

SWEATER DRESS (under $20 on sale!)| OTK BOOTS | CLUTCH
Transitioning into the next season when the temperatures are going from super cold to semi cold can be difficult. I have two words for you that will solve this: sweater dress. These are a complete game changer for me during the Winter to Spring transition and the Fall to Winter transition.
During these transitions, you want to be wearing items in your closet that haven’t been worn for a while because you are getting ever so tired of those usual items. A sweater dress is a great way to stay warm while wearing a completely different style.
You can wear them with over the knee boots, tights, booties, leggings, or knee high boots! The possibilities are truly endless. I have worn them by themselves like I have it here but I have also worn them with another layer on top for extra warmth. A jean jacket or a utility jacket/vest are both great options!
I love a neutral sweater dress if you are just starting to add them to your wardrobe. I have this gray one and a beautiful white one that I wear all the time. They are easy to wear different colors with to create new outfits. In the Fall, I wear them with burgundy accents whereas in the Spring I wear them with pink or coral accents! Wear what makes the sweater dress flow into next season’s colors flawlessly.
 Transitioning from Winter to Spring is the perfect time for sweater dresses, this one is even cuter in the back!