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Secret Discount Beauty and Health Care Spot | Haul

I have been frequenting this store since I was a child with my mom. It’s a hidden gem for discounted beauty and health care products that people are unaware of. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to try new products! 

Shopping on a budget is a MUST! Especially when it comes to beauty and healthcare because a fortune can be spent on these products. I love specific brands for specific reasons so I look for these brands on a budget. One of my favorite places to find these products is at Grocery Outlet.

Here is a $3 coupon as well! $3 can go long ways!

I am taking you along for the ride today to see what is all covered and what I bought for under $30! 

Grocery Outlet is a great place to not only find the products you know you already love on a discount but to also try out products you hear of but don’t want to pay full price for to try out. I find some of the best products here that I can’t find anywhere else. I found a new dry shampoo for $2 off the regular price!

Have I convinced you that you are missing out yet?!

Here is what I found for under $30:

Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo $3.99

I had never tried this product before but I can’t live without my dry shampoo! I LOVE the smell of this one and it didn’t turn my hair white.

White Pen $2.99

For touch ups between my whitening trays because hello, I love my black coffee!

Acrylic Vanity Box $4.99

I immediately put this to use, you may have seen it on my IG stories. It’s perfect for keeping my vanity organized and cute!

Cuticle Trimmer $1.99

Do you have hangnails? If so, use this. It’s a complete game changer!

Simple Micellar Water $3.99

This is my FAVORITE micellar water to use. I use this to take off my eye makeup as well as cleanse my face first thing in the morning.

Peach Body Scrub $0.99

I use this in the shower to exfoliate my arms and legs before I shave. It helps to get a much closer shave.

Vega Protein 2 for $3.00

The BEST vegan based protein I have ever had. It’s been hard to find budget-friendly good-tasting dairy free protein since I took dairy out of my diet.

Keytone Vitamins $5.99

These are great for energy, they have green coffee extract in them!

Neutrogena Build A Tan Lotion $5.99

I use this in between applying fake tans or during the summer when I am trying to keep a deep color.

Here is a 20% discount coupon as well!


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Two Ways to wear a two piece outfit | giveaway

Affordable two piece set that can be worn multiple ways!

Versatility is key for making your wardrobe versatile and inexpensive. Sharing how I styled this two piece outfit two ways and MANY more options! 

Affordable two piece set that can be worn multiple ways!


The number one way to make a small wardrobe and a small budget work is versatility, for example, this two piece outfit! You can wear the top with multiple bottom options as well as the skirt with multiple top options.

Here I took the top from the two piece set and paired it with my high-waisted pleated skirt, I happen to be OBSESSED. I have already worn it 4 times so it has quickly become a new staple piece in my wardrobe! This top can also be worn with high waisted denim shorts, jeans, or even a cute maxi skirt.

The matching top and skirt outfit is one of Jason’s new favorites! I love the flow of pattern, it makes you look super tall and lean. I also can’t say no to a high-waisted A-line skirt. It takes me back to my Kate Spade days. This skirt can also be worn with a blousy tank top, t-shirt, long sleeve blouse, or a light weight sweater!

Watch for the full blog post on the second outfit!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Affordable two piece set that can be worn multiple ways!
Affordable two piece set that can be worn multiple ways!

Affordable two piece set that can be worn multiple ways!

Affordable two piece set that can be worn multiple ways!
Affordable two piece set that can be worn multiple ways!

Affordable two piece set that can be worn multiple ways!

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A Broken Heart | Life Update | Coffee & Chat

Are you brokenhearted over being the only one in a different place in life? When all your friends have moved on to having children, moved to another state, moved to other groups of friends, or raising a family. Even in a place later on in life where your friends are becoming grandparents or retiring and you are feeling left behind. I feel your pain…

Trying to find contentment and close friends willing to meet you where you are at is hard. No one ever prepares you for that. In high school, I assumed my best friends would still be that close to me as I grew up. As time passes, I have realized people change, which is still something that is hard for me to grasp. I genuinely love and cherish those friendships even though so much has changed since the beginning.

Whether it’s moving to another state or you’re simply in two different places in life:
friendships should grow and blend with your life.

When you are the one that is in a different place but those around you have moved on to the next step in life, it’s rough! Friends getting married, having children, full-time careers, moving to another state, becoming grandparents, full-time career, etc.

It’s the hardest transition ever and NO ONE talks about it.

It’s a time that leaves you questioning yourself as a person. It has left me feeling alone. A time of isolation. All of these feelings are so real when you are the one in this place. I am here right now and I want to encourage any woman that may be in the same place for one reason or another. It’s a time of transition, it won’t last forever.

This means that at times you may need to grieve the loss of an old friendship. Grieving allows your heart to be able to heal and come to terms with the changes. This doesn’t mean you have lost your friends, it just means your friendships are different now.

To any of my friends that are reading this that have babies or children, know that I love you and your kids! I love spending time with you and your kids! I will sit at your house holding a sleepy baby while we catch up. It’s not a burden but a PRIVELADGE as a friend. This goes for any stage of life and what that brings to a friendship. Activities and the amount of time spent together changes but the depth and connection doesn’t have to.

One thing that remains true for me is knowing that God has a purpose
for my life where I am at right now. 

That purpose isn’t to be in a state of depression over the losses or changes, it’s a purpose to grow and understand Him more. Some of these friendships have been put up on a pedestal of high priority in my life. When they are moved, I have more room for Him in my life where He needs to be.

Do you ever find yourself sacrificing time for your friendships
that you’re aren’t sacrificing for Him

Why it always takes me being broken hearted to be reminded of this, I do not know. All I know is that there is a reason why I am broken hearted and there is a reason why He will use this brokenness to shine through me.

If you are going through a time of brokenness, please connect with me.
I want to pray for all of you that are in this place alongside me.