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Jean Jacket Style Guide | Body Type Tips

A jean jacket can be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe IF you buy the right one. I am sharing how to find the best fit for you and where to find it on a good deal! 

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Buying a jean jacket and not looking like you are straight out of a family magazine from the 90’s is sometimes difficult. It all boils down to the sizing and styling for YOU. For years, I dreaded when my mom would have me wearing a jean jacket over an outfit. This is because it wasn’t the right one for me. Now I know how to style it and find the one meant for me. 

SIZING: This is my #1 tip. Size down one size. When do you ever button up your jean jacket? Never most likely. When you buy it in your typical size, it swallows you. You cannot see your outfit underneath it, all you see is your jacket. Next time you are trying on jean jackets, try one on in your typical size and a size smaller. You will then have a visual of what I am meaning. 

Here I am wearing an XS jean jacket, I typically wear a small or medium in jackets.

WASH: I typically go for a medium to dark wash. I like the contrast with muy lighter colored clothes. This also gives dimension to your outfit and can be used to make you look slimmer. Due to it being a darker wash, your eye naturally looks at the line where the jacket ends and my dress starts because of the contrast in colors. This happens to make you look at the smallest part of my body providing a very flattering look. I’ll talk more about length below!

CUT: Try and find a more tailored cut of jacket, this is always a more flattering shape on anyone. Sizing down a size, also helps with having a more tailored cut. If you are curvy, try one that has a drawstring waist! The length will draw your eye below your widest point and will give you a defined waistline.

LENGTH: If I wear a longer jean jacket then this one, I look stocky which is NOT a good thing. The length of your jacket can make it or break it. If you are Curvy, buy one below your widest point. Straight (like me), buy one at the length of your smallest point (for me it’s my natural waist). Broad Shoulder, find a length that draws your eye to your waist rather than your shoulders providing you with a very slimming silhouette.

If you have any specific questions, please reach out!


A complete style guide on the fit for all body types and ways to style it for you.


MAY Favorites | Monthly Roundup

This is the first of my monthly favorites where I will be sharing new products that I HAVE tried or are GOING to try! I hope this gives you some ideas on new products to use. 

May has been a full month of working full time. I realized I was behind on sharing new products with all y’all so I decided to try it in a May monthly Favorites blog post. This is how I will be sharing my new favorite products with y‘all in the future. This will be a great reference for you each month of all things new to try!  PS how is May already over?!

May Monthly Favorites:

Dermoligica: I haven’t yet been able to try this set out but I have only heard amazing things! I am anxious to try the cleanser and replenishing oil! What’s picutered here is a full skincare line of: Special Celansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Phyto Replenishing Oil, Pre-Cleanse, Active Moist, and Hydrblur Primer.

Aveda: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dry shampoo. The bottle is kind of funny to use. You shake it so the powder goes to the top and then you press the top and it sort of shoots the powder on your hair. I didn’t have to use too much and it worked amazingly! I haven’t tried the Thermal Dry Conditioner yet, but I am anxious too!



Coola: BEST SUMMER MAKEUP EVER. I have been living with this primer on my skin since my typical foundation does not have SPF in it. This primer reminds me of all the tropical places I need to visit lol! I have used this BB cream as well, it’s light coverage so when I am at home it’s perfect. It is buildable since it dries pretty matte! I will be using this a lot when camping this Summer.

Pixi by Petra: This is such an affordable luxury brand in my opinion. It’s sold at Target but it’s quality far exceeds drug store quality. I love their setting sprays! The Glow Tonic To-Go is an exfoliating toner on cotton pads so it’s quick and easy. I love these! I have used the Glow Serum and love the way it makes my skin appear the next day. The Glow Mud Cleanser and Peel & Polish mask I haven’t used yet, but will let you know when I do!








Charming Charlie: I am obsessed with these earrings! I cannot find them online but they are under $15 and come in so many colors!

Derma E: This Micellar water is super intriuging! I love my micellar water so I am excited to try this. I will let you know if I like it better then my go to. This cleansing oil looks amazing as well. Rose is great for inflamation which = my face 24/7…thanks adult acne.


Patchology: This poshpeel is actually the product I am the most excited to try! I love having baby soft skin. This peel soaks on your feet and then will peel your feet from 3-7 days. This illuminating mask is going to come in handy as well, I need some help with my dull skin. These masks are some of my faovrite but I think you already know that 😉


The Starfish Project: This company raising funds for women and children esacping trafficing and exploitation. If there is any where you should treat yourself with a piece of jewlery, it’s here. To be influentail in another persons life is amazing, especially when it feeds them and provides a roof over their head. This necklace purchase will provide the income for 1 day to a woman who has escaped trafficing. The purchas of this bracelet will provide room and board at a shelter for a week to a woman who has escaped.

Supergoop: New favorite all over suncreen. It’s a mousse which means it applies easier and is perfect for getting an even applicaiton. It’s also hubby approved!


BAUBLEBAR: Bring on the Summer turquoize jewelry! These stacking necklaces are a super big trend right now. I always struggle with them being too tight around my neck so I use THIS extender. This nekclace is already one of my favorites! Wear it with a tee and you are good to go. I also am swooning over these earrings. Hello tassles and large statement earrings, you have my name written all over you. PS they are not heavy either! Winning!

Givenchy: I love my Givenchy makeup! This blush duo has given me all the heart eyes for Spring and Summer. It’s the perfect mix of pink and peach. These two nude lipticks: 5 and 6, are perfect compliment for an everyday look. I am obsessed with number 5!!


Colorscience: Finally a face sunscreen that doens’t break me out! I can apply it over my makeup and repeatedly thoughout the day without messing up my makeup underneath. This is a complete game changer. I haven’t tried the brightener yet, but I am sure it’s as amazing as the sunscreen!

Starbucks Pink Drink (Full outfit HERE): Because I am obsessed and have had way too many this month. If you haven’t tried it, buy one. It’s an acai refresher mixed with coconut milk and strawberries. It’s official name is “The Pink Drink” so don’t feel silly when you order it. My hubby always says it like a question because he thinks I made the name up!  

Let me know what else you would like to see!

These items were sent to me for my review. I will always give you my 100% honest opion on produts. I hope you enjoyed today’s post!


Athleisure Coffee & Chat Health and Fitness

Did you know this about me? | Coffee & Chat

I haven’t shared a whole lot about me in certain areas of my life and I want to change that. Some of you know the sporty side of me and some of you know the fashion side of me. Here’s to learning more about each other!!! I play….



Tennis!!!! I played all through high school and tried to keep playing it in college, noncompetitively of course. I live a couple blocks from my old high school courts and have started to pick the game up again.

This sport is one you can pick up pretty easily when you haven’t played in a while, you WON’T be where you left off but it’s easy to remember the fundamentals. With picking this back up, I have realized how much fun Jason and I can have. I have forgotten how to have fun with him throughout the crazy schedule. Both working full time and having opposite days off is HARD WORK!

Tasc Performance has an array of options for workout clothes, I love the soft texture of them and how they adapt with movement. You know, it’s not pleasant when your tennis skirt gets stuck in the most obtrusive places. This one stays where it should, thank goodness!!!

The basics of the game so you can enjoy it too:


  • In the court: The court is set up with alleys on each side, this is an out of bounds area or if the ball hits outside of the back line of the court. When playing doubles, the outside lines of the entire court are the boundaries. Confusing, I know!
  • Game: When you serve it’s called love all. The first point won is 15. When you serve you call out, Love 15 or 15 Love depending on if you won that point. The game points continue on with 30,40, Game. If both have 40 points, it’s a deuce. Keep playing until one person wins by two points ahead of the other.
  • Set: 3 Games in a set. The person that wins the set, has to win by 2.
  • Match: The one who wins 2 out of the 3 games is the match winner.


  • Make it easy on yourself if you have never served before by dropping the ball on the ground and hitting it over the net, more or less an underhand serve. See HERE.
  • Overhead serving: see HERE.


  • Just get the ball over the net before it bounces twice!
  • Backhand or forehand, whichever way is easiest for you to receive the ball and send it across the net again. HERE are great tutorials on how to hit backhand and forehand!
At the end of the day, as long as you are having fun, that’s all that matters!

Because tennis makes me have the weirdest faces when I serve….
and I know my toe is over the line…it’s all for the pictures lol!