Winter Outfit Ideas pt. 1

SHOPBOP SALE 11/26 – 11/29 | 20% OFF CODE: SHOP20 sale details here GIFTS UNDER $50 | GIFTS FOR HIM WINTER OUTFIT IDEA ONE TEDDY COAT | Did I buy another teddy coat? Yes. I have worn my tan one so…

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Everyday Gold Jewelry Pieces

I have simplified my jewelry choices so much over the last 10 years that I rounded up the best everyday gold jewelry pieces you need. I traded my layers of baubles for simple gold jewelry investment pieces. I cannot get…

at home workout equipment

MY AT HOME WORKOUT EQUIPMENT With the winter months being here and gyms not being the most ideal situation to work out, here is a list of the at home workout equipment I use for a lean physique. I am…

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Budget Friendly Handbag Trends 2020

ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | FIVE | SIX HANDBAG TRENDS 2020 You don’t have to invest in a lot of handbags to be able to switch up your wardrobe and feel on-trend. These are my favorite handbag…

Handbag Trends 2020

Monday Manifests v. 6

Monday Manifests, where I share my top 9 deals or new purchases from our favorite websites! xoxo happy manifesting babes Let me put you on a secret to ALWAYS buying H&M on sale when there is not a sitewide discount.…

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