Fall Wardrobe Capsule 2020

Some of my Fall Wardrobe Capsule items are on major sale with code FALL20…my Dr Martens, Blazers, Jeans, and more! WHAT IS A CAPSULE WARDROBE? A set of items that are essentials in a closet for a specific season that…

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Vanity with Mirror Lights Setup

Home edit addition with this vanity with mirror lights setup that you will need in your space too! It’s the perfect mirror for a small space like my loft apartment and providing good light for me to do my makeup.…

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Monday Manifests v.3

Monday Manifests, where I share my top 9 deals or new purchases from our favorite websites! xoxo happy manifesting babes This week I am focusing on band tees. These are NOT going anywhere and I get to start wearing them…


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