At Home Tanning Routine

For this pale Oregonian, having an at-home tanning routine is essential for having a healthy glow. Especially when you take pictures every week like I do. I am sharing my tricks, tools, and the tanning product I have used for years!

This post has been sponsored by Jergens Skincare. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I talked about the Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Deep Bronze a couple of years ago after trying countless products over the years, THIS is still my favorite. I love the color tone of the bronze; it matches my skin tone perfectly. It’s easy to apply to the body and doesn’t leave me streaky when it starts to fade. Best of all, I always snag it on AMAZON! If you don’t want to order online, you can find it in the lotion aisle at your local retailer.



Jergens Instant Sun
-Fluffy Makeup Brush
-Tanning Mitt


ALWAYS start with freshly exfoliated skin that has been moisturized that day, just not too close to the time you’re tanning as this could interfere with your color absorption. A great exfoliant is mixing coffee grounds into your body wash!

ALWAYS apply a little body lotion to your hands, feet, ankles, and knees!

-BODY: Pump a full pump or two of Jergens Instant Sun onto mitt and use a circular motion to smooth into skin. As you can see it’s a fluffy mousse that is easy to use. I start on my neck and shoulders and work my way down my arms, chest, stomach, legs (avoid knees and feet). I then use the mitt to reach my back and top of back.

-KNEES: Pump one pump of product onto the makeup brush and use a circular motion to make sure you don’t put too much tanning product on your knees and it blends better.

-ANKLES AND FEET: Pump one pump of product onto makeup brush and blend into ankles and tops of foot to make sure the product is spread evenly.

-HANDS: Pump half a pump onto makeup brush and use a circular motion to blend product into back of hand first, then blend down wrist, and onto fingers. This is essential if you have a light colored nail like I do! This technique makes sure I have an even coat of product without altering the color of my nails.

-FAST DRYING: This product is extremely fast drying, which is awesome! I will use my hair dryer just to be sure that it’s all dry before I get dressed. I will wear loose clothing for the first day of my tan to be sure it doesn’t rub off in any weird places.

LEFT: Pre tanning (un-edited)
RIGHT: After applying Jergens Instant Sun at night and taking a quick shower in the morning. If you want a deeper tan, you can use a second coat!

INSTANT COLOR: You will have an instant color change in your skin and this will deepen over the next 6-8 hours. I try and tan at night before I crawl into bed so that when I wake up in the am, I can take a quick lukewarm shower and be left with the PERFECT glow.

Now go get your sunless, flawless, natural looking, streak-free TAN on babes! 

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