My Lip Blushing Tattoo

After my lips have healed, I am ready to share my full experience of my lip blushing tattoo experience.

Where did I get my lip blushing tattoo?

Jeanette from J Bella Tattoo in Salem Oregon. Book your appointment HERE. She is incredibly detailed oriented and SO precise with her mapping out of your lips + brows before she begins tattooing. She is calming and so sweet to talk with during the procedure. Jeanette offers eyebrow micro-blading, lip blushing, and lash enhancements!

What is a lip blushing tattoo?

It’s a semi-permanent cosmetic lip tattoo. It defines your lip shape, gives them color, and gives an illusion of fuller lips without lip fillers. Essentially, you never have to wear lipstick again if you don’t want to. It can last for up to 3 years.

What did I experience during the procedure?

You are numbed for 30 minutes before you start the tattoo and then numbed periodically during the process. She didn’t have to numb my lips as much as normal because I didn’t mind the feeling. I could have fallen asleep as weird as that sounds. The pain level was so beyond manageable. Jeanette did say typically people feel more discomfort then I did though.

After the numbing, Jeanette mapped out my lips and I approved of the shape. We picked the color tone for the tint and then she customized the mix. If you like my color, she can look it up in my file for you to use!

Then we got to tattooing. Basically, she outlines the lips first to give them the shape, then fills them in. When she fills them in, she passes over your full lips multiple times.

The appointment was about 1.5 hours long from start to finish.

What was the aftercare like?

24 HOURS: Thankfully I have to wear a mask at work right now because my lips were VERY swollen for about 24 hours after. They were sore too but not terrible. I could eat but was very careful not to rub anything on them for the first day. I kept them VERY moisturized with Aquaphor. There was a slight bruising underneath my lip color which is normal and went away after the first day.

48 HOURS: The size was back to normal but the peeling and scabbing started which is normal. I kept them very moisturized and would clean them with warm water a couple of times a day.

72 HOURS: The worst of the peeling. I think they fully peeled this day. They weren’t sore at all anymore and were back to normal size. I still kept them very moisturized.

no filter. no lip gloss.

HEALED: Now that they are healed, I am obsessed. The color is perfect and gives me so much confidence not to have to wear makeup. I have been using the Versed Lip Oil and Laneige Gloss to keep them moisturized and let the colorfully shine.

After 2 weeks they will be completely healed and the true color they will be.

Would I recommend a lip blushing tattoo?

YES! Do it. I am so happy with the results and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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